Rental Terms and Conditions

The Photo Center offers a large selection of rental equipment. Rental equipment is only available for in-store pick up.

The renter accepts full responsibility for loss and/or damage of equipment rented. A deposit, in the form of credit card authorization or cash, may be required at the time of pick up.

The Photo Center is not responsible for insuring equipment rentals and is only liable for loss of rental charges in the event of equipment malfunction. The renter is responsible for using the equipment properly and The Photo Center will not issue any refunds in the case of loss from improper use.

All equipment must be returned in like condition. Any missing items (caps, shades, etc.) will be billed at store retail price. All rentals are due by 12:00pm on the return date, unless other arrangements have previously been made. The renter is responsible for additional charges if rental equipment is not returned on time.