Nikon Z9: Out of the Box… Focus on Focus

Date: Thursday, June 16, 2022 Time: 7:00pm EST

Instructor: Paul Van Allen & Miguel Lopez

Platform: Zoom Attendee

Experience Level: Beginner - Advanced - Expert

Recommended Camera Owners: Current or Future Owners of Nikon Z 9

Nikon Z9: Out of the Box… Focus on Focus With the Nikon Z9, what is the best focus set-up for… ?? 3D… Auto-Area… Dynamic-Area… Wide-Area… Subject Tracking… So many new focus options… so many new opportunities to unleash your creativity. In order to get the your Z9 to perform at the next level, you first have to unlock what it can do. The Photo Center is your source for all things Z9! And The Photo Center has a special treat for you.. Nikon Rep Paul Van Allen and Miguel Lopez! Log-in and join Paul and Miguel as he brings the new focus options into… well… sharp focus. D

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Nikon Z9: Out of the Box… Focus on Focus

Photography classes

Tamron Boardwalk Photo Meet-Up

Join us for a fun filled photo meet-up adventure to the magnificent Seaside Heights Boardwalk. Experience the excitement of the boardwalk at dusk, as we stroll through the vendors, rides, food stands and games. Feel the excitement, energy, lights and sounds of the evening while learning from one of the best on "Photographing America, one small town at a time", Pro Photographer, Rick Gerrity

Wednesday May 25th , 2022


Event Fee $20.00

Attendees will receive a $20.00 Gift Card to The Photo Center

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Tamron Boardwalk Photo Meet-Up

Lakota Wolf Preserve Workshop with Tamron

Join Tamron for an exciting 2-part workshop with the Lakota Wolf Preserve led my Field Service Manager

and professional photographer, Ken Hubbard and Patty Gregitis of Tamron Sales Division. The event will

is an informative webinar covering useful photography tips and techniques

that will benefit you on capturing great images at Lakota, as well as cover the guidelines of Lakota. We will meet at the Lakota Wolf Preserve for a 2 hour shoot of the wolves.

*Note transportation will not be provided



Zoom Lecture

The Photo Center
1930 Route 88
Brick,NJ 08724

Workshop Outing

Must be 16 to attend this workshop
Must be 21 or older to participate in the wine tasting

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Lakota Wolf Preserve Workshop with Tamron

30 Minute Basics

Basic information to get you started with your camera.

1. Learn the buttons and controls on your camera.

2. Tips on how to get better pictures.

3. One-on-one session so the focus is on you.

4. We will demonstrate saving, printing, and uploading your photos.

5. Call now to make your appointment - 732-840-1333.

Cost: Only $79.99/person

30 Minute Basics